Monday, November 17, 2014

Burda Vintage Jumper

Hi dears,

since the release of the Burda Vintage issue I wanted to make some of the gorgeous designs presented there.
The big ball gowns are a bit too much for me to tackle at the moment, but I made a start with the Jumper "Mary".

The fabric I chose is a cotton flanell. A little too stiff, but I only found out after I tried it on... it doesn´t have much of a drape, but still, I like the outcome.

I cut and sew a straight size 36, which is a size 8 in the States, and made no alterations... 

The result is a little big in the shoulders, but otherwise, I have no complaints.
Worn with the belt, I really felt like a Lady, even though I chose skinny jeans and boots to go with it instead of a pencil skirt and heels. Seeing the pics now, I think there is a little country vibe about it, what do you think?

Worn without the belt it resembles pj´s a little too much (what with the flanell and the checks... ;-)), but I wouldn´t wear it without belt anyways.

Since I´m back in Berlin I try to spend my time as useful as possible, meaning in front of the cutting table, sewing machine or English-Test-book for the  TOEFL... I really want to live in Australia, at least for a year, so I have to convince the immigration bureau that I can support myself and also make myself understood of course.

The second thing is the thought of taking courses in pattern making, CAD, HTML and other stuff to educate myself with things around the business of creating a brand... but that´s stuff for another time.

One thing´s for sure:
Change is in the air.

Until then, 
happy sewing