Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sorbetto in Echino

Hi y´all,

it´s been quite a while since my last post here, I have been busy and, I admit, lazy with my blog.
I did sew a lot though!
Not the masses of pants I announced at the beginning of the year, but some hoodies (my new favorites), a skirt, some knotted knit tops and my latest make: a summery Sorbetto.

This time I used one of my self-imported fabrics from Japan: an Echino design in a nice voile quality made from 100% cotton. It has only limited drape, but the feel is soft and breezy. I love the design with those little petals in pink and did you notice the small foxes and deer strolling over it? So cute.

Concerning the size, I upgraded this one considerably, since the first ones I made were a lot more fitting, yet too tight under the arms and the darts sat high and had to be adjusted. With this one I used a size 10 (where it was a size 2 with the first one). The bustdarts were at the perfect height, the only thing bothering me was the length. I find it is too short.
For some extra volume I cut the backpiece a little wider and put a box pleat in the middle, which gives a nice silhouette.

You know, in summer, when it´s warm and likely to sweat more than usual, it is nice if the fabric of your shirt doesn´t kling to the skin so much. So this is a perfect change to the pattern in my view :-) 

I add a pic of my easter vacation to the North Sea, where I spent a few sunny days with my parents and sister plus family.

Promise to not stay away from you for so long again ;-)
Until then,
happy sewing.