Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Challenge cancelled...

Hi sewing folks,

after thinking over my last post and taking sustainability into consideration I decided to call the challenge off.
I simply have no need for 34 new basic garments that, at least that´s true for some, don´t really pose a challenge to me.
Some I will indeed make in due course of the year, but only if inspiration and the right fabric strike me at the same time :-)

I will challenge myself to finally master the art of pants-making!
I am lusting after some beautiful jeans, pedal-pushers or palazzo-pants since ages now, and am determined to at least make one staple with the perfect fit for my bum, so that I can venture out from that.

Don´t get me wrong, I still love dresses and skirts, but pants are my new vision of the perfect summer garment that is still missing in my wardrobe.

Maybe you want to watch my progress with that?

Sorry if I disappointed some of you, but it was just a rather stupid idea that surfaced in this year´s early days, so don´t be sad. There´s more to come, promise!

Until then, keep the needles poised and the good spirits up!
Happy sewing,